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My goal is to create the best freelance copywriting training online, both free and paid. Here’s what my students are saying about my training.

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I have the best free training for freelance copywriters online. Period. If you never pay me a dollar but implement everything in my free materials, you’ll succeed as a freelance copywriter. Click here to grab my free training.

No other website has been even 20% as helpful as yours.

“I’ve been reading your blog posts and emails/podcast transcriptions since June. The deep dives into the basics of copywriting most especially- I devoured them, got hungry for more knowledge, and came back for seconds.

Anyways, in just this week, I have done the following: sold my first blog post, found another client who wants 10 blog posts after reading the outlines in my pitch, and heard back from an editor and am getting paid to do a post for a website with over 10 million monthly visitors

All this because I read your stuff and listened to it. Last weekend, I pitched like a madman. I spent hours on the couch in front of Seinfeld just cranking them out. I did my best to include things like value propositions, great headlines, etc, all from your blog posts. If it hadn’t been for seeing “send 20 pitches a week” over and over, I wouldn’t have had the guts to do it, and I wouldn’t be finally heading toward making a job out of this.

All in all, just wanted to say thanks. No other website has been even 20% as helpful as yours. All the other websites copy and paste the same bullet points; yours teaches.

– Jared Wilder, Freelance Writer

“I wanted to thank you for making those resources free!”

“I’ve followed your copywriting crash course and your emails from the last few months, and I wanted to thank you for making those resources free! They’ve really been helpful! Thank you so much!

– Goodness Somtochukwu Odiaka, Content Marketer

“Subscribing to your mail list is one of the best decisions I’ve made as a copywriter.”

“I recently stumbled on your website, and subscribing to your mail list is one of the best decisions I’ve made as a copywriter. Thank you.”

– Abisoye Otusanya, Email & Social Copywriter

“I did what you advised, and it worked!”

“A few months ago I read your SEO strategy/challenge for how copywriters can rank on Google in their niche. I thought “yup, challenge accepted.”

Now, I’m ranking #1 for the keyword “health and wellness copywriter.” That’s a handy 110 monthly US searches and 10 monthly UK searches that will hopefully see my website. 120 total per month for my two main markets = 1440 searches per year.

I did what you advised, and it worked! 4 months later, here we are (see below). Couldn’t have done it without your tips.”

– Declan Davey, Freelance Writer

“It’s working like a charm.”

“I took his email template and replaced a few things, and boom, in one day, I received 4 responses out of 10 pitches I had sent. It’s working like a charm.”

– Boniface Kisina, WordPress Blogger

“Your content has been life changing.”

“Even before today, you’re one person who’s had a tremendous impact on my writing career.

I still remember the very first time I came across your website three years back. I was taking an article writing course by Walter Akolo (Kenyan). This guy is probably the biggest name when it comes to article writing in our country.

So Walter, in the last tutorial, gave a list of the big-guns that I should check out for inspiration. Out of the list, only two names appealed to me; Brian Dean of Backlinko and, of course, yours.

And so I became your diehard fan (although you never knew me). I’ve been visiting your blog regularly just to see if you’d published a new post. I could feast on everything, including the comments, no matter the number. I even connected with your friend Les Blythe through your site, who has since mentored me, sent me paid work, and encouraged me to keep going.

So, allow me to shout a big THANK YOU!

– Godfrey Wambani, B2B & SaaS Copywriter

Course Reviews

My comprehensive freelance copywriting course takes you step-by-step from $0 to six figures. Whether you are brand new to the field, seeking to stabilize your freelance income, or simply wanting to earn more for your work, this is the course you’ve been looking for.  Click here to learn more.

“Just completed my first $10K month.”

“Monday was my first day of full time freelancing. Just completed my first $10K month (hit $13K) in October and decided to make the leap. This flat out would not have happened without your no-bullshit wisdom. Period.”

– Chris Collins, Content Strategist & Conversion Copywriter

“I would recommend it in a heartbeat.”

“I’ve taken quite a few courses, including some from prestigious institutions like Harvard and TAU, and I can say confidently that Jacob’s copywriting course provides what few others are able to deliver: actionable training. The course is built around small, chewable chunks that take you step-by-step through the process of building your career as a writer. I’ve learned great information from a lot of sources, but Jacob’s course is what helped me build a tangible, successful writing business. I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone wanting to make copywriting their profession.”

– Tom Gil, Copywriter & Real Estate Marketing Consultant

“All of the advice you’ve given has helped me land my first clients!”

Thanks so much for your advice. Yes, you’re right, sales is a numbers game. So far all of the advice you’ve given (send out 20 pitches a week, do practice projects) has helped me find my first clients! I just got my first Paypal payment from writing today, actually! The client who I emailed you about wound up getting back to me- I sent a trial article and got paid for it! And I’m hoping they come through with some consistent work. But I am going to keep sending pitches. Thanks a million!”

– Cierra Loflin, Freelance Copywriter

“It all started, because I did my value prop homework.”

“This week I started working with my first client. They’re paying me $14,000 for a 14-week project that I estimate will require about 4 hours per day of my time. That’s roughly $50 per hour. Exactly the rate I was looking to start out at. It all started because I did my value prop homework.”

– Jonathan Kampen, Freelance Copywriter

“$8k (and counting)”

“Hey Jacob, just wanted to share this with you: 

  • May earnings – $500
  • June – $1000+
  • July – $8k (and counting)

When I see the numbers – I couldn’t believe it myself. From our conversation in April… to now July. Gonna work on retainers and charging more for them as this progresses over the next few months.

A big thank you!”

– R. A., Freelance Writer & Marketer

“Best money I’ve ever spent.”

Thank you, Jacob. I landed my first client from cold pitching thanks to your training. Best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you for all you do.

– Stella Inabo, Freelance Copywriter

“I’m on track to 2x my traffic this month compared to last.”

Totally forgot to say thanks by the way! I’ve been working on SEO this past 25 days and I’m on track to 2x my traffic this month compared to last – I used the on-page checklist in your course! I also landed two great copywriting projects worth $1800 about 60 days after I joined (during the pandemic). Thanks for a terrific program.

– Aske Christiansen, Freelance Copywriter

“Keep up what you’re doing… it’s saving lives!!!”

“I have always marvelled at how free you are in your writing. This, in addition to your cold pitching course that I had shelved due to a lack of confidence, have already gotten me two potential clients that want to hire me for the long-term. And it’s only been a week. Keep up what you’re doing man. It’s saving lives!!!”

– William Mutugi, Freelance Writer

“I bought your course and really like it.”

“Hey Jacob, I just wanted to let you know I found you by reading your blog posts and then bought your course on finding clients. I really like it and wanted to thank you.”

– Tyler Mayberry, Freelance Writer

“It was Jacob’s course that really got my writing career up and running.”

“What I like about Jacob’s course is that it cuts right to the point. Each training is bite-sized, yet full of value. I’ve taken other marketing and writing courses before (some cost as much as $10K), but it was Jacob’s course that really got my writing career up and running. If you want practical advice with no distractions, take this course!”

– Amy Masand, Freelance Writer

“So glad I invested.”

Hey Jacob, thanks to you, I was able to get freelance work from a former client using your warm lead reach out method. Crazy stuff!

Also, following your content has led me to my final interview tomorrow for a Content Marketing Manager position for a consulting firm. This is a huge deal because I would be THE sole marketer. And largely, at first, I didn’t *feel* qualified for it all.

Although it’s a bit daunting, reading your notes and emails on content strategy and marketing is the preparation I need.

So, I just want to say, I appreciate all the free information you provide. And thanks for opening that small section of your course — so glad I invested.

– Brandon Keith, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Your content blows away 99% of the marketing world.”

“Man… your content blows away 99% of the marketing world. I don‘t know when and how I subscribed to your newsletter, but luckily I opened your emails and got your training. I’ve been a bit stuck in my copywriting business and your material helped me get clarity again moving forward. Thanks a ton.

– Björn Baumann, Email & Conversion Copywriter

“Since I implemented your course, my life has significantly changed. “

“Your course explains things in a practical way that has really helped me to understand how things work online. Since I implemented your course, my life has significantly changed. So far, I have acquired two paying clients. They give me an average of $800 per month, and I’m in discussions with three other potential clients as well. I have used the cold pitching method you teach to acquire all these clients, and while I’m in Kenya, my location has not affected me. Thanks a lot for your course. I’m now planning to move to a bigger house and buy more things.

– Nicholas Otieno, Freelance Writer

“More solid info packed into one course than any resource I know of.”

I’ve been doing content marketing since 2009, and there was still a ton of information in here that I didn’t know and didn’t expect to learn. For example, the email script resources were incredible, and I plan on using them quite a bit. And your landing page templates are perfect. I use them all the time now.

I wish your course would have been available when I first started. When I talk about it, I tell people ‘If you’re serious about becoming an online copywriter, start here.’ It has more solid info about the writing business packed into one course than any resource I know of. And, I love that there’s no fluff — everything is useful.”

– Ashley Kimler, B2B Copywriter & Guest Post Specialist

“Your course is one that I come back to again and again.”

Your course is one that I come back to again and again. And trust me, I’ve bought a tonne of courses. Like I literally have 20 right now vying for my attention. Yours is one of the select few at the top of the pile. And there’s a reason for that…

It’s a good buy and delivers a tonne of value. I highly recommend it and this is coming from a guy who has bookshelves heaving with direct-response manuals. (And a hard drive crammed full of expensive online trainings).

Your course helped me get my first client at £1,250 a month. And the copy I write for them is the jet fuel which is helping me get them some pretty good results.

– Tobias Allen, Direct-response copywriter

Write Minds Reviews

If you’ve established your freelance writing career and moved past the beginner stage, Write Minds is for you. It’s an ongoing community designed to help entrepreneurial writers make like-minded friends, access 6-figure experts, and learn new ways to grow online. Click here to apply.

“The best thing I’ve done for my business”

“Joining the Write Minds community is the best thing I’ve done for my business. It’s a great bunch of smart, supportive and generous writers and I’ve learned so much from them about copywriting, lead generation and marketing. Thanks for having me Jacob!”

– Robert Tighe, Freelance Writer & Author

“I finally did it. I broke $10k per month.”

“Okay, normally, I’m not one to gloat. But, I finally did it. I broke $10,000 monthly ($12,300 to be precise). Actually, that was September’s invoices. I just didn’t want to jinx it then by saying anything about it. After all, it could have been a flush month, right? But I just finished my invoicing for October today. I did it again: $16,600.”

– C.J. Haughey, Tech Writer

“More confidence to pursue the higher-paying clients”

“What I love most about WriteMinds is the people! Being part of a group of seriously successful copywriters gives me more confidence to pursue the higher-paying clients, develop my business, and forget my self-imposed limitations. Even without all the amazing perks like group calls, sales scripts, challenges, and more, I’d still say its worth it..as they say, you’re a result of the people you spend the most time with!”

– Margy Kerr-Jarrett, Writer & Brand Strategist

“THE place to be if you want to jump from casual freelancer to thriving owner.”

“Write Minds is THE place to be if you want to make the jump from casual freelancer to thriving business owner. As someone who works solo, I always have questions about finding clients, building relationships, and leveling up my skills. Now I have access to a community of people who have “been there, done that.” Not to mention, many members here are at the top of their industry, so it’s a great place to rub elbows, make connections, and learn from the best.”

– Arthur Brodskiy, Copywriter & SEO Strategist

“The thing I’ve found most helpful has been the incredibly supportive community.”

“I was drinking out of my Write Minds mug yesterday and felt such pride for the opportunity to be a part of the amazing community you created. The thing I’ve found most helpful has been the incredibly supportive community. I know you built this hoping to bridge the relationship gap for remote workers and freelancers and man, did you do that and  then some. I also deeply appreciated the level of care and attention you brought. A lot of people ‘talk’ about having a mentorship program with the leader’s regular involvement, however you actually delivered.”

– Brennan Hopkins, Email Marketing Expert

“This group has empowered me to put myself out there and take bold risks.”

“In addition to all the practical advice, this group has empowered me to put myself out there and take bold risks.”

– Rashid Makhmudov, Copywriter & Tech Writer

“Like a business booster shot of steroids”

“I really have no words to describe the Write Minds community. This is no regular group — it’s more like a business booster shot of steroids. Jacob really cares about your growth and will do whatever it takes to help you move forward. The fellow writers I’ve met and the connections I’ve made have been invaluable. But for me, the most valuable part of the Write Minds group is the opportunity to bounce my questions off Jacob — every single week. Jacob is a true expert… but he’s also just plain nice. He answers all of your questions with clear and targeted advice and he holds you accountable to your goals. If you’re a writer and you’re ready to move your business forward in a big way, you have to join this group — there’s just no two ways about it. “

– Fay Dworetsky, Personal Brand Strategist & Copywriter

“The best thing that can happen to anyone’s copyrwiting career.”

“Jacob has given me the tools and confidence I needed to properly make a go at a freelance copywriting career. His personal guidance is invaluable, and the numerous experts he brings around readily offer helpful advice and insight. I’m convinced that finding his stuff is the best thing that can happen to anyone’s copywriting career.”

– Danny Grainger, Freelance Copywriter

“I still learn something useful and valuable from every call, conversation, challenge”

“Any single component of Write Minds would be worth your price of admission. I’ve been writing professionally for almost 10 years, and I still learn something useful and valuable from every call, conversation, and monthly challenge I’ve joined so far. There’s never been a better time to become a copywriter, and if you want to get better at it, there’s no better place to be than in Write Minds.”

– Alex Planes, Freelance Copywriter

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