Clients I’ve Worked With

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly outstanding businesses and entrepreneurs over the years. Check out a few of my past clients below, and if you’d like to see more, simply drop me a line!

Teknicks Digital Marketing Agency

Teknicks is a data-driven digital marketing agency with a wealth of experience and a laundry list of enterprise clients. As part of their latest website redesign, the team brought me on to help revamp their site-wide copy and completely rewrite their key service pages. Consulting is a consulting firm of experienced ecommerce professionals with a focus on solving immediate problems and building scalable, long-­term growth structures. Founder Carl Hendy hired me to help define the new firm’s written value proposition and create the full copy for’s inaugural website.

Mettl Online Assessments

Mettl is India’s leading online skills-assessment platform. After being featured in the New York Times, the company hired me to rewrite the copy for their three core services and optimize each product’s value proposition for an English-speaking audience.

"He was able to take the vision I had and translate it into words"

"Working with Jacob was a fantastic experience. He was able to take the vision I had and translate it into words on a page that were comprehensive and cohesive. He took time to get a clear understanding of our value proposition and ensure that it was delivered throughout the project. It was my pleasure to work with him, and I look forward to collaborating with him again in the future."


Andrew Dourgarian, Development Director at Mettl

Every Day You Wait Is A Day You Waste

Your site’s leaking money. You need persuasive copywriting. I’m what you’ve been looking for. Let’s get crackin’.

Joymundo! Travel Booking

Joymundo! is an online travel booking company that seeks to add a much-needed dash of fun into an all-business industry. The team hired me to write an email followup series designed to convert first-time customers into recurring business.

WEVO Conversion

WEVO is an online service that leverages machine learning and crowdsourcing technology to increase online conversion. WEVO’s founders hired me to help them turn their value proposition and extended sales pitch into a blog-style presentation.

Conversion Sciences CRO Agency

Conversion Sciences is an industry-leading conversion rate optimization agency with a popular blog on AB testing. Despite the company’s success, co-founder Brian Massey wanted to create content that would rank for the niche’s most competitive keywords, so he hired me to help strategize and create that content. Within 3 months of working together, I was able to produce and rank content that put Conversion Sciences within the top 5 Google search results for 6 out of their 10 highest priority keyphrases.

“He Has Over-Delivered For Us”

“Jacob is that rare combination of content strategist and content creator. It’s amazing to have one person able to deliver targeted content on a dependable schedule. He has over-delivered for us. Since he began working with us, our total site traffic has more than doubled.”

– Brian Massey, Conversion Sciences

Are You Ready To Turn The Light On?

A marketing funnel without persuasive copy is like a room without power. Flip the switch.

UnDelay Landing Page Builder

UnDelay is the web’s first full-featured adaptive landing page builder. The startup’s founders hired me to help craft UnDelay’s value proposition, write the site’s core landing pages, and create a primary lead magnet for bringing in new subscribers. UnDelay was well-received right out of the gates and was quickly acquired by Insequent.

Indigo Sky Real Estate App

Indigo Sky is a new app that allows real estate agents to create branded mobile experiences for their clients. The team hired me to help craft their value proposition, create a launch website, and write targeted copy for the launch site.

Black Fin Digital Marketing

Black Fin is a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with law firms. Founder Gerrid Smith hired me to write copy for service pages targeting emerging trends and to help get the agency featured in several leading publications.

“Few people understand how to get inside the mind of a buyer…”

“Anyone can write content for your business, but few people understand how to get inside the mind of a buyer and persuade them to contact you. When it comes to writing copy that sells, Jacob knows his stuff!”

– Gerrid Smith, CEO of Black Fin

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