Freelance Writing Portfolio

As a copywriter and content marketer, the bulk of my freelance writing deals with inbound marketing topics. I’ve also written a good bit on career, web design, lifestyle, and sports topics as well.

Over my years as a freelance writer, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to write and promote articles that get traffic, email subscribers and sales.

  • I’ve acquired over 1,000 email subscribers with just two blog posts.
  • I’ve launched a blog to 17,000 unique visitors driven solely by organic Facebook shares.
  • I regularly write articles that get 3,000+ shares with no paid advertising.

If you’d like me to create content that drives traffic to your blog or help you formulate a winning content marketing strategy, drop me a line here.

Marketing Topics

  1. How You Can Build an Email Marketing List as Quickly as Possible [KISSmetrics]
  2. The Complete, 4-Step Email List Building Strategy That Will Make You Successful [CoSchedule]
  3. 7 Conventional Landing Page Design Tactics You Should Still Test [HubSpot]
  4. 6 Exceptional Content Marketing Examples You Should Emulate In 2016 [Ahrefs]
  5. Want Better Conversions? Try Breaking the Rules! [Crazy Egg]
  6. How I Used ConvertKit & SumoMe To Get 600 Email Subscribers With 2 Blog Posts [JM]
  7. 31 Brilliant Landing Page Examples With 71 Takeaways [KlientBoost]
  8. Why No One Is Reading Your Emails (And How To Fix It) [Conversion Scientist]
  9. 7 Effective Strategies To Increase Your Email Subscriber Open Rate [VWO]
  10. How To Analyze Your Audience & Plan A Backlink Campaign In Under 30 Minutes [Majestic]
  11. The Four Major Marketing Sinkholes… And How To Get Unstuck [Econsultancy]
  12. How To Lead Prospects Further Down The Conversion Funnel [Wishpond]
  13. How To Increase Conversions By Forgetting The CTA [Crazy Egg]
  14. 4 Tiny Landing Page Hacks With Massive Conversion Impact [KlientBoost]
  15. 3 High-Converting Marketing Strategies Tailor-Made For 2015 [Crazy Egg]
  16. Optimizing Conversions: It’s All About the “Why” [Sitepoint]
  17. Oops! Are You Applying The Right Advice To The WRONG Headlines? [Crazy Egg]
  18. Your About Page Is A Conversion Gold Mine [KlientBoost]
  19. 7 Best Services For One-Click Landing Pages That Convert [Crazy Egg]
  20. Five Mistakes Marketers Make When Using Social Proof [Econsultancy]
  21. 4 Reasons Your Traffic Is Increasing But Not Your Conversions [Crazy Egg]
  22. 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes That Are Burning Your Money [KlientBoost]
  23. How To Build A Landing Page From Scratch [Crazy Egg]
  24. Are You Missing the Point of Social Media? [Sitepoint]
  25. How To Use Trending Topics To Increase Your Conversion Rate [Crazy Egg]
  26. 15 Mandatory Fixes For Your Mobile Conversions [KlientBoost]
  27. How to Choose the Right Testing Software For Your Business [Crazy Egg]
  28. 11 Go-To Strategies For Lifting Landing Page Conversions [KlienBoost]
  29. 5 Proven Headline Techniques To Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate [Crazy Egg]
  30. 4 Marketing Channels Better Left to the Experts (And What You Can Do Yourself) [KISSmetrics]
  31. Are You Making These Conversion-Killing Mistakes? [Crazy Egg]
  32. Facebook Ads: 20 Tips To Get EPIC Results [KlientBoost]
  33. 3 Ways To Make Your Hero Shot Convert Better [Crazy Egg]
  34. 6 AdWords Flexible Bid Strategies You Need To Try [KlientBoost]
  35. What To Do When Your Audience Is On The WRONG Platform [Crazy Egg]
  36. Turn Your WordPress Site into an Email Marketing Machine [Sitepoint]
  37. 3 Easy-to-Fix Errors Killing Your Conversions Right Now [Crazy Egg]
  38. The Step-by-Step Guide To Writing Your ENTIRE Landing Page Copy [KlientBoost]
  39. How To Put The UNIQUE In Your Unique Value Proposition [Crazy Egg]
  40. Landing Page Hero Shots – Everything You Never Wanted To Know [KlientBoost]
  41. 5 Fail-Proof Strategies For Increasing Your Email Open Rate [Crazy Egg]
  42. Are Your PPC Ads Plaid and Your Landing Pages Polka Dots? [Conversion Scientist]
  43. How to Apply the Psychology of Persuasion To YOUR Business [Crazy Egg]
  44. 6 Must-Test Elements of Your eCommerce Shop That Can Give Epic Wins [VWO]
  45. 5 Pieces of Terrible Marketing Advice You Shouldn’t Follow [Crazy Egg]
  46. WordPress Email Marketing Plugins vs All-in-one Options [Sitepoint]
  47. 10 Fill-In-The-Blank Headlines That Convert [Crazy Egg]
  48. 3 Questions You Need To Answer About Your Target Audience [Crazy Egg]
  49. Landing Page Headlines – Everything You Need To Know [KlientBoost]
  50. Branding & Conversion: Lessons From A Local Mechanic [Crazy Egg]
  51. How Pronto Used Heatmaps To Increase Leads By 24% [Crazy Egg]

Career & Business Topics

  1. 5 Universal Success Principles That Have Nothing To Do With Motivation [SUCCESS Mag]
  2. The Real Reasons College Is a Bad Investment [Huffington Post]
  3. You’re Selling a Product, and That Product [Brazen]
  4. 6 Lessons I Learned Turning Talent Into A Profitable Career [JM]
  5. 10 Dumb Things Holding You Back From Getting A New Job [Wise Bread]
  6. 8 Ways To Be A Better Man At Work [Uncompromised Men]
  7. Five Tool Sets For Scaling Your Freelance Business Into A Full Consultancy [Econsultancy]
  8. Understand This BEFORE You Start Your Business [Crazy Egg]
  9. How To Negotiate Payment As A Freelancer [JM]
  10. A Pro Resume Editor Reveals The 5 Dumbest Things You Have On Your Resume [Wise Bread]
  11. 5 Scary Thoughts Everyone Has During a Job Interview [Wise Bread]
  12. How To Meet Deadlines [Uncompromised Men]
  13. The 5 Worst Pieces of Financial Advice Your Friends Give You [Wise Bread]
  14. How High Availability Can Make Or Break Your Business [Econsultancy]
  15. This Is the One Skill You Need If You Want to Work for Yourself [Wise Bread]
  16. Making The Pitch [Sitepoint]
  17. 5 Things No One Is Telling You About Success [Wise Bread]
  18. How DevOps Is Changing The Business Of IT Consulting [Econsultancy]
  19. Is Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator A Scam? [JM]
  20. Is The Corporate Career Track Right for You? [Wise Bread]

Web Design Topics

  1. Responsive, Adaptive, & Mobile Optimized Websites: The Make or Break Differences [Conversion Scientist]
  2. So It’s Finally Time To Redesign Your Website: A Checklist [Crazy Egg]
  3. 10 Reasons Your Website Needs to be Mobile Optimized [Treehouse]
  4. Cheat Sheet: CRO Plugins You Can Install In Under 30 Mins [Crazy Egg]
  5. 6 Free WordPress Plugins to Help Boost Your Site’s Revenue [Sitepoint]
  6. It’s Time To Think Mobile (Here Are 5 Ways To Increase Landing Page Conversions) [Crazy Egg]
  7. 8 Top WordPress Popup Plugins and Why You Should Try Them [Sitepoint]
  8. 4 Reasons Ready-Made Landing Pages Aren’t Actually Ready [Crazy Egg]
  9. Designed to Sell: 5 Common Website Design Mistakes [Learnable Video]

Lifestyle Topics

  1. 8 Life Delusions Most Men Buy Hook, Line & Sinker [Uncompromised Men]
  2. 7 Simple Ways To Make Better Decisions [Wise Bread]
  3. A Hard Look at Money-Saving Challenges: Do They Really Work? [Penny Hoarder]
  4. 10 No-Excuse Ways To Become A Better Man Today [Uncompromised Men]
  5. One Thing You Need To Do To Be Happy And Improve Your Relationships [Wise Bread]
  6. This Social Network Wants to Pay You to Post Status Updates and Photos [Penny Hoarder]
  7. How To Show Grace Without Compromising Personal Responsibility [Uncompromised Men]
  8. 5 Ways To Stop Wanting More Without Settling for Less [Wise Bread]
  9. Today You, Tomorrow Me [Uncompromised Men]
  10. 6 Time-Tested Ways To Make A Relationship Work [Wise Bread]
  11. 15 Manliest Movies of The 21st Century (Obligatory Clickbait About You Loving #3) [Uncompromised Men]
  12. How To Build Your Dream Workshop [Uncompromised Men]

Sports & Fitness

  1. The Ultimate Resource For Coaching Youth Baseball [CoachTube]
  2. The Definitive Guide To Coaching Youth Basketball [CoachTube]
  3. Lebron Hints At Greatness But Refuses To Be The Best Ever [Rant Sports]
  4. The 6 Best Workouts for Building Muscle Fast [Wise Bread]
  5. An American’s Take On The Magical World of British Sport [Uncompromised Men]
  6. 4 Ways To Get Toned With As Little Effort As Humanly Possible [Wise Bread]
  7. Motorcycle Fun: The Key to Transportation Bliss [Uncompromised Men]
  8. If You’re Doing These 4 Exercises, Your Workouts Are Worth Nothing [Wise Bread]
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Download The Questionnaire

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Learn How To Turn Writing Into A Full-time Career

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Discover The Two Most Powerful Marketing Strategies For Cash-Strapped Businesses

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