The better your questionnaire, the better your ability to write persuasive copy that turns visitors into customers.

A great copywriting questionnaire will help you understand the business you’re working with, its value, its customers, and its competition. It should be exactly long enough to get the information you need without creating too much of a hassle for your clients.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve been perfecting my own copywriting questionnaire, and after sending it to a client the other day, I realized that having access to this list of questions would be beneficial for both business owners and copywriters alike.

  1. Many business owners who approach me have trouble answering some of these questions – usually the questions about their target audience. If you can’t clearly define who you’re speaking to, you will struggle to sell to them effectively. Taking the time to work out the answers to these questions will immediately benefit your business.
  2. For copywriters, you need the answers to these questions in order to write persuasive copy. It’s not enough to just follow a template or write stuff that “sounds good”. Truly effective copy connects the value of the product/service with the needs of the target customer. By thinking through these questions and obtaining the answers from your clients, your ability to write compelling copy will increase dramatically.

Since every copywriting project is unique, I typically work out project details before sending this questionnaire, so the questions here deal specifically with understanding the business I’m working with. Most of these questions are essential for writing any variety of persuasive copy, while a few are supplementary and designed to ferret out some of the less tangible preferences of a client.

As a final note, keep in mind that this is a universal questionnaire, which I adapt for each client, so there will be some questions that aren’t applicable to every business. You can either use it as-is or modify it slightly to be more relevant to the unique business you’re targeting.

The Best Copywriting Questionnaire On The Web

1. What do you want people to do when they visit your site? What is the #1 thing?

2. Who is your target audience? Are there any distinctive customer segments you are targeting that differ from each other?

3. What does your “bread and butter” customer look like at this point in your business? What does your ideal customer of the future look like?

4. What is your primary value proposition? What makes you THE choice in your niche?

5.  What is your core offer? Describe the product or explain the process.

6. What are the primary emotional benefits that have tended to resonate the most with customers?

7. What are the primary analytical points, case studies, or figures that have prompted a “wow” response?

8. What aspect of your pitch has been, in your opinion, the most effective at selling customers on your business?

9. What are the primary problems and challenges customers come to you to solve?

10. Do you have direct competitors that you are wanting to outperform?

11. How are you better than your competitors?

12. In addition to direct competitors, are there any alternative options your potential customers are considering?

13. How are you better than those alternatives?

14. How do people typically find your website. Name all traffic sources that make up 15% or more of incoming traffic.

15. What sort of tone and brand image do you wish to project?

16. Are there any businesses that you want to emulate in some way?

17. What is your favorite thing about your business?

18. What is your favorite thing about your customers?

19. How many people will be involved in providing feedback on my copywriting?

20. Is there anything else you feel I should know while writing your copy?

Download The Questionnaire

Download The Questionnaire

20 questions to answer before writing a word of copy


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